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About us - Amazon Jungle Tours Backpackers

2We are a group of experienced tour guides, who are specialized in: Amazon jungle expeditions, Amazon boat trips, jungle survival, visiting Indian reserves, spotting of wild life, exotic and medicinal plants in the Mamori and Juma lake areas. We try our best to operate with skill and safety, at the same time making it possible for our clients to have lasting memories of their visit to the Amazon.

Claudio Sousa has been a jungle guide for more than twenty years, and was once director of the Iguana Tours which is recommended in many international guide books. In 2008, he decided to go solo, along with other guides he established the Amazon Backpackers Tour company, which caters for not only backpackers, but for people who want real adventure and fun at the same time.  So whatever you are looking for be it rough adventure, survival or a cruise on the Amazon river, then come join us for memories that will last a lifetime.

We organize trips from two days one night, to how may days you would like. Our tours do not follow a steady , laborious routine, but are very flexible to suit the desires of our clients. Our mission is to highlight the rich, natural beauty of the Amazon and celebrating the cultural heritage of its people.




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